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— November 20, 2014

Real Estate - Preparing your Property for an Open Home

Make sure to contact insurer and advise them that the property will be open for inspection to the general public for sale/rental purposes. Some…

— November 20, 2014

Australian Real Estate What is an An Estate for Life Answered

An estate for life can be granted to a tenant for the term of their life. This is not commonly used any more, but usually created by a will.

— November 20, 2014

Real Estate Information - A Conjunctional Sale in Real Estate

A Conjunctional Sale is a method of sale where by two or more Real Estate Agents agree to share a commission on a sale when it occurs.

— November 20, 2014

Real Estate Valid Contracts Genuine Consent of the parties

For any contract to be legally valid there are six important elements to be followed. Genuine consent of the parties is explained here.

— November 20, 2014

Real Estate Australia Property ownership type of Tenants in common

Under a tenancy in common, each independently owned proportion or share of a property can be disposed of by the owner whenever they want to...

— November 20, 2014

Real Estate Valid Contracts Intention to create a Legal Relationship

To make an agreement or contract enforceable at Law there must be an intention to create a Legal Relationship.

— November 20, 2014

What Elements Make a Legally Valid Contract in Real Estate Australia

Before any court will enforce any contract these Elements must be in place to Make a Legally Valid Contract.

— November 20, 2014

The Legal Capacity of the Parties in a Valid Contract

An essential element of a contract to make it legal is the Legal Capacity of the Parties.

— November 20, 2014

The legality of the objects of the contract - Valid Contracts

All contracts must only include objects which are allowed by the law it is explained here.

— November 20, 2014

Real estate What is an Auction and 14 Great Auction tips

An auction is a public sale where buyers bid against each other to purchase a property. If the highest bid is acceptable to the vendor (the…

— November 20, 2014

What is Real Estate CRM & why it’s SO Useful

Real Estate CRM is Contact management software and can be used effectively in the Real Estate industry.

— November 15, 2014

Real Estate Australia A Brick Home is Worth 12 Kentish Street PENGUIN Tasmania

3 bedrooms, 2 living areas brick home on approx 2.5 acres a short walk from town, market and beach. As you enter the home you will be impressed…

— November 14, 2014

REAL ESTATE 5 BEDROOM HOUSE VALUE 11 Longview Crescent DEVONPORT Tasmania Australia

Wow five bedrooms, a roomy wood heated lounge and loads of storage with a great entertaining backyard you will have space to yourself and room to…

— November 14, 2014

3 double bedroom home Value 17 Marine Street EAST DEVONPORT Tasmania Australia

We have the view and the home - Look at this, a great 3 double bedroom home in immaculate condition that overlooks the river out to sea and over…

— November 11, 2014

Botanical gardens Home Value 2 Paringa Road RED HILL South Victoria Australia

Set down a quiet country lane just five minutes from Red Hill South's shops and iconic Point Leo surf beach, this five bedroom, four bathroom…

— November 9, 2014

Modern country charm Value Club Drive SHEARWATER Tasmania Australia

Modern country charm best describes this beautiful home situated in the very heart of Shearwater conveniently located between the two shopping…

— November 7, 2014

2 Story brick home VALUE on 50 acres Cainbable Creek Road CAINBABLE QUEENSLAND Australia

This two story brick home on 50 acres is situated on a quiet road only 15 minutes from Beaudesert, in the beautiful Cainbable district.

— November 6, 2014

Real estate 2 Paddington Lane has 2 separate residences on the property KANGAROO VALLEY NSW Australia

This 2.5 acre property at 2 Paddington Lane has 2 separate residences. The second home is actually the older construction, but has undergone a…

— November 4, 2014

Estuary Views Real estate market value SHEARWATER Tasmania Australia

Estuary Views - Sitting pretty on Estuary Views with fabulous street appeal, this modern architecturally designed home stands out from the crowd.

— November 2, 2014

Real Estate South Australia Comfortable Family Home Worth 8 Dowdy Street Kingston

Spacious living and ample cupboard space are features to impress with this attractive red brick home. The home comprises an open living room of…

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